Welcome to the Speech and Cognitive Development Lab!

The Speech and Cognitive Development (SPOG) Team, directed by Dr. Meg Cychosz, studies how children learn speech and language from the world around them. We have particular expertise in working with multilingual children and children with hearing loss, especially those who use cochlear implants.

We currently are running research studies for children with typical hearing and children with hearing loss.

Our work employs a variety of computational (natural language processing, machine learning) and experimental (eye-tracking, acoustic and auditory phonetic) techniques in children aged birth-6 years. Our team’s ultimate goal is to conduct theoretically-driven and translational research that helps ensure all children reach their full potential.

An eye-tracking system

We have close clinical and research partnerships with the UCLA Audiology & Speech Pathology Clinic and the UCSF Children’s Communication Center. Work in the SPOG Team has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation.

Learn about our research program for children with cochlear implants, the Learning to Listen Project, and explore our educational library. We frequently partner with local speech-language pathologists, pediatric audiologists, and families of children with hearing loss to create resources that will benefit the community, so please get in touch with us if our team can provide anything for your clinic or family.

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The SPOG Team is part of the UCLA Phonetics Lab, in the UCLA Department of Linguistics. We are located on the 2nd floor of Campbell Hall on UCLA’s campus: 335 Portola Plaza, 2101 Campbell Hall, Los Angeles, CA, 90095

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