Studies for Children with Typical Hearing

Bring your child to the SPOG Lab for a fun day of listening games, learning about your child’s language development, and exploring the beautiful UCLA campus and surrounding area!

UCLA’s campus
The entrance to the SPOG Lab

Who can participate?

We are currently recruiting children aged 3.5 to 5 years old who use spoken English as their primary mode of communication (at least 80% of the time) with no developmental delays.

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of this study is to look at how children understand language in different listening conditions. Ultimately, you will contribute to developing new ways to support children with hearing loss.

A child with hearing aids playing outside

What will my child do during the visit?

If a visit is scheduled, your child will join us for a session for 2 hours with frequent breaks and opportunities for snacks and games between the activities.

During this time, they will be asked to complete a variety of language-related activities that will involve listening to words and sounds and choosing pictures on a screen using an eye-tracker.

These activities are set up like games, and children generally like them. However, if your child is ever feeling too tired, we can stop the activities at any time.

Two of our wonderful Research Assistants setting up an eye-tracker!
An eye-tracker set up

Optional Audio Recording

We will also invite you to complete an audio recording so that we can provide you with feedback about your child’s speech and language development! If you choose to complete the audio recording, your child would wear a vest/t-shirt with a small audio recorder in a pocket throughout an entire day to understand your child’s auditory environment better. These recordings are a completely optional portion of the study, and you have complete control over the privacy of your data.

A child wearing a LENA audio recorder in a vest
A LENA audio recorder

What else do I need to know?

  • If your child is selected to participate, you will receive a $25 gift card and your child will receive a small gift bag.
  • Free parking will be provided.
  • We also offer weeknight and weekend appointments!

What else can my family do in/around UCLA before/after the visit?

There are plenty of fun, family-friendly places and activities to try on your visit day, both on UCLA’s campus and in the surrounding area!

On-Campus Activities:

Surrounding-Areas Activities: