How to Make a LENA Recording

You will receive all of the materials you need in the mail. Your child will wear a small vest or shirt with a pocket in the front. Inside the pocket, you will place a small device called the LENA (Language ENvironment Analysis) device. We also call the device a “talk pedometer,” because it measures how how much language your child hears and uses!

Watch this video created by LENA to learn how to make a recording!

There are only 4 steps to creating a successful LENA recording:

  • 1) Press “Power”
  • 2) Press “Record”
  • 3) Insert in vest pocket, snap closed, then put vest on child
  • 4) Leave it alone, and it will turn off by itself

There are only 2 times when you should take the LENA vest off:

  • 1) When your child is going into water (e.g. swimming, bath time, etc.)
  • 2) When your child goes to bed at night

During these times, keep the vest dry and nearby to continue recording data!

The device records up to 16 hours of audio. After hitting record in the morning, leave it alone! It will record all day and turn off on its own when 16 hours have elapsed.

Any normal day is a good day to LENA! The only days you shouldn’t record are if unusual things interfere with conversations much of the time, such as:

  • When your child is sick in bed
  • When your child is at daycare, school or a party for several hours
  • When your child spends much of the day outside playing sports and running around

(Optional): To help us better understand the data from the recorder, record the major events of the day on the Activity Log (such as meal times, bath time, when your child plays outside, etc.)

Hourly Activity Log

After the recording day, send the recorder, vest/shirt, and the Activity Log back in our prepaid mailer! You should receive the device, record, and send it back within two weeks as we have a small number of recorders and lots of listening to record!

We will then analyze the data with the LENA algorithms and send you a personalized report of your child’s auditory environment. Our specialists are available to discuss the results with you and set some goals with you for how you can use this information to improve your child’s speech and language skills. Click HERE to learn more about how to read this report!

Sample LENA Report